Financial Bridges
for Retirees

How We Help Retirees

At The Frank Allen Financial Group our role is to help you Maximize your Retirement Income today and Maximize your Legacy for tomorrow! We help Retirees in a few key areas including:

  • Legacy Planning
  • Retirement Income Planning (Protection, Preservation & Utilization)


Using the Building Retirement Bridges Process, we act as a "Financial Legacy Coach" to Maximize Incomes today and Maximize Legacies tomorrow.

We have also learned that as one approaches "Senescence", issues of Control and Legacy are in both the conscious and unconscious mind as one reflects back on ones life and its meaning.  The issue of Legacy becomes more important as one realizes that there will usually be "something left over when its all over" to help children, grandchildren or charities.


In working with Seniors for over 30 years – through high interest rates and low interest rates, through bull stock markets and bear stock markets –,  we have learned that a steady stream of income from both personal and government pensions and personal investments, is of utmost importance to ones mental and physical well being. We work to protect and preserve your wealth. And when it comes to investing for Retirement, we believe that "Boring Works". We also help you know which assets to utilize first for your income needs.

"We can't make you rich, but we can help to keep you from being poor.  We are here to help you to enjoy life and sleep better at night."



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