Financial Bridges
for Retirees

Understanding Retirement

Retirement is the only stage of life for which we literally get no training. This was fine fifty years ago when people retired at age sixty-five and lived, on average, for only five more years. But today's Baby Boomers are retiring in their mid-fifties, and with the help of medical science and a healthy lifestyle, many can expect to live an additional twenty-five years. That's a stretch of time equal to most people's working lives.

To find happiness in retirement, retirees need to first understand and define what retirement will be for them. Although retirement may seem like a time for retrospection, leisure and stability, it’s mostly a time for redefining oneself, and for most people there is an increase in the number and significance of life events and transitions; challenges they've yet to face.

You'd think that the wisdom gained throughout one's life up to retirement would help them manage the transitions they face later in life. It doesn't. In fact, these transitions later in life are more difficult to deal with because our brains work more on what we've experienced, not what we've yet to experience. Wisdom would also suggest retirees plan ahead for these transitions; but most don't.


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