SuccessCare Questionnaire

To take the first step in planning for your eventual transition, I recommend that you take a complimentary test of the "Where Are You Now" Discovery Questionnaire which will help you determine where your family business is now, in terms of its business, succession, and retirement planning activity.

If you are then interested in taking this a step further, I would be happy to arrange for you to participate in the full survey where all family members with an interest or involvement in the business complete the questionnaire independently and in confidence.

This process helps to identify the conflicts and differences of opinion that need to be resolved to facilitate the development of a successful family business and/or transfer of ownership and management to the next generation. You will receive a detailed synopsis and profile of the key issues, concerns, potential conflicts and building blocks for the future. This report will highlight the areas where family consultation and business planning activity are most needed.

This questionnaire also provides you with a benchmark so that subsequent re-completion of the survey will give you a clear indication of the progress you have made in addressing some of the highlighted issues.

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