What We Do

Building Benefits Bridges Process


We ask the rigt questions. We listen. We care.

  • Do you have a benefit plan now? Are you happy with it? If not, are employees asking for it?
  • Are you losing employees because of you don't have a plan or it's not good enough?


There is no one-size fits plan. We customize to fit your budget and company.

We design plans for most of your employees for most of the time. We consider and work with you to understand your budget and your employee demographics.


Solutions that fit your plan. We work diligently to research the marketplace for the best fitting solutions for your business and your employees. We consider your budget and the value of the plan to you and your employees.

If you don't have an employee benefit plan or you're changing carriers, we'll work with you to gather the necessary information and resources you'll need to administer and support your plan.
We work carefully with you to ensure there is no lapse of coverage protecting you and your employees.


We're here to assist you. Benefit Plan administration is a full time job, we're here to help you, to answer all of your questions, to service.

We encourage you to phone our office to first when you have questions, concerns or inquiries. We'll go to the insurance provider to find the answers you need and to resolve any issues or claims that arise.

With ever increasing cost of elements of employee ben plans it is very import that you and your employees are aware of the cost drivers, and ways that both you and your employees can help you keep money in the long run. We feel it is a very important to have continuing updates and education on your plan to keep you current on important legislature as well as trends.



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