What We Do

Building Retirement Bridges Process


We ask the rigt questions.

  • Where are you know - are you already retired or is retirement imminent.?
  • What do you want your retirement to look like?
  • What activities do you and your spouse do together now?
  • What activities do you plan to do together when you retire?
  • What are the sources of your retirement income? How long will it last?
  • Are you concerned about leaving a legacy to family members or charities?


Retirement Planning is about more than your money. It's first and foremost about what you want for your life.

Most of used to receiving income on a regular monthly basis, our job is to design a retirement income plan with financial tools that fit your lifestyle, will be tax effective, and will provide an income for your lifetime.

We don't want you to run our of money before you run out of life.
And because there is usually "something left over when it's all over", we'll help you build that financial bridge to your family and favorite charities.


Solutions that fit your plan.

We work diligently to research the marketplace for the best fitting solutions for you and your family We consider your specific needs and lifestyle requirements.

Our job is not to make you rich but to keep you from being poor, to help you sleep at night.

Your return on life is as important as your return on investment.


We're here to assist you.

Life is a series of events and transitions. Most plans, or at least good plans, need to be flexible to adapt to changes along the way. We're here to see you through those changes.


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